So, what are you?

“So what do you eat?”

This is my favorite question that people ask. I love talking about what I eat. I love talking about recipes. I love sharing nutritional information. I just really love food. And talking.

I do not however, love talking about my dietary label. More often than not when I discuss food with others, they want to know my label. They want to know ‘what’ I am.

This is a tough question to answer. I’m not a huge fan of labels, as there can be a lot of grey area with them. But I’ll do my best to explain the label I choose for myself.  Here it goes…

I don’t cook with animal products, but occasionally  I add dairy to my hubby’s dish if he’s asked for it. I cook most nights, but we love going out to dinner for date night on Fridays. And let’s be real, the last thing I want to do on a Friday night is cook! When I order, I avoid dairy and eggs and absolutely won’t order meat. Sometimes ordering a meal that may have been prepared with minuscule amounts of dairy and/or eggs is unavoidable. The vegetarian restaurant scene isn’t exactly a huge thing in our small town!

So how do I label myself?

For simplicity’s sake, yes, I call myself vegan. But in everyday real life, I’m just someone who eats consciously.

When I eat, I’m conscious of my health. How will the food I choose to consume impact my health (and the health of my family)?

When I eat, I’m conscious of the health of our planet. How will the food I choose to purchase impact the health of the planet we call home?

When I eat, I’m conscious of the lives of others. How will the food I choose to put in my mouth impact the lives of other animals (including other humans)?

Am I a perfect vegan? No. Absolutely not. But I’m working damn hard to be the best vegan I can be each and every day. And if I can influence one other person to eat a  few more veggies and less animal products in the process, that is enough for me.


4 thoughts on “So, what are you?”

  1. This is an amazing testimonial to your transition and making healthy choices. I love your honesty and how you get “real” about animals and our planet. You are a true inspiration and I hope you start to lay out the groundwork of how to get started and adding on working out in addition to good nutrition. Youve accomplished amazing results while remaining humble and caring. Enjoyed this! ❤

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