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How to Vacation with Non-Vegans

It’s summer time and the livin’s easy…

How many of you sang that as you read it??? If you know that song, you just earned some serious cool points.

Anyway! It is summer time and as a teacher, I am just LOVING my time away from my classroom. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I love teaching my littles, but these few precious weeks in the summer are just what EVERY teacher needs to recharge and be ready for a new group of littles.

If you’re a teacher or know a teacher, you know what I mean.

Every summer, my family vacations in Marathon in the Florida Keys for a week of fishing and relaxing. Yes, there’s usually quite a bit of drinking and eating involved, too. It’s the Keys! Not much else to do there!

Nobody in my family is completely vegan. Although, over the years, they’ve all become very open to trying the meals I cook. Most of the time, my family members either love what I cook or they can’t believe it’s vegan. Don’t get me wrong, my ways of eating do become the butt of some jokes, but I can dish it just as well as I can take it.

I know I am SO fortunate to be able to vacation with people who are respectful of my choices, but not everyone is as lucky as I am. So I wanted to share some tips for any other vegans who are vacationing with or spending an extended period of time with non-vegans.

5 Tips

  1. Be honest, but open.

    It’s really important that you make clear to the people you’ll be spending the next few days or weeks with exactly what your dietary restrictions are. If you eat vegan at home, but choose not to eat strictly vegan at restaurants, that’s fine, but be sure to let people know up front so you don’t have to have an awkward “so what are you?” conversation while at the restaurant. Realize that not everyone will be open to or respectful of your choices, but you should be open to and respectful of the choices that others make when it comes to their diet.

  2. Choose restaurants that will satisfy everyone’s needs.

    Before you even leave for the vacation, start looking at the menus of restaurants close to where you’ll be staying. As you look for restaurants, be sure that everyone can find something on the menu they’ll like. If there’s a vegan restaurant in the area and everyone is open to trying it, that’s great! But, they may not be and that has to be okay, too. Find a restaurant that everyone can live with!

  3. Prepare a vegan meal that everyone can enjoy.

    If you are staying in a place with a kitchen, this is a great way to show off some tasty, easy vegan recipes that might peak the interest of the non-vegans you’ll be with. If not everybody is open to eating a completely vegan meal, then compromise and offer to prepare a side dish to go along with whatever they are choosing to eat. If there’s no kitchen, bring a favorite vegan snack to share with everybody. The point here is to get the willing to try something that’s vegan.

  4. Respect other people’s choices.

    This is huge. It’s also a challenge to respect your loved-ones dietary choices when you feel you have the solution to all of their ailments. This was the hardest for me to learn and I still catch myself passing judgement when I see people who “know better” eating meat or dairy.  I found myself constantly wanting to share the health or environmental statistics about eating animal products. What I’ve learned is that people who are ready to hear that message will ask you, especially if you have been respectful of their choices in the past.

  5. Have fun – Don’t make it all about your diet!

    This is, after all, a vacation! Enjoy your surroundings and company and be as present as possible.


1 thought on “How to Vacation with Non-Vegans”

  1. Being respectful towards everyone’s diet choices makes it easier for everyone to get along, cook together and try other things. All should keep an open mind it’s just easier when it comes to meal time.
    Keep on posting!

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