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12 Vegan BBQ Favorites

So, it’s almost 4th of July and if you are vegan, you can feel the anxiety building around what the hell you are going to eat at that BBQ you were invited too. Or maybe you aren’t quite vegan yet, but you still want to bring something tasty and healthy to that BBQ so you can feel good after you eat.

Keeping that in mind, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite vegan BBQ recipes. A few of these recipes are my own, but I’ve also linked the recipes to other great blogger’s recipes.


  1. Vegan Spinach PuffsVegan Spinach Puffs

    These spinach puffs are absolutely divine. I’ve made these on numerous occasions for parties and for special gatherings at work.  If I didn’t tell you they were vegan, you wouldn’t know that they are vegan.

  2.  Buffalo Tofu Nuggets


    This recipe is the recipe for my buffalo tofu sandwiches. The only slight change you would make is to cut the tofu into 1 inch squares and cook for a total of 10-12 minutes, flipping once halfway through cooking. You could also serve these as buffalo tofu sandwiches.

  3. Vegan Queso

    Design-3This plant based cheese sauce can literally just be served as queso with some tortilla chips for dipping. It’s that damn good. However, I have recently discovered that if you crumble and sauté one or two Field Roast Mexican Chipotle links and mix it in with the queso, the queso is kicked up a few notches. If you aren’t totally opposed to processed meat substitutes, I highly recommend trying it out!

Main Dishes

  1. Dirty Rice

    Vegetarian Dirty Rice | Vegan Recipes for Meat Lovers | @sweetpotatosoulThis recipe comes from Jenne’ over at Sweet Potato Soul and it is one of my new favorite dishes. It’s pretty simple to make and reheat. It’s also full of wonderful flavor! I did not have the recipe mentioned for the creole seasoning, so I used a store-bought, low sodium, no MSG creole seasoning and that worked just fine. I guess some might call this a side dish, but to me it feels like a main dish because it’s so hearty.

  2. Black Bean and Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

    img_0385No 4th of July BBQ would be complete without burgers. These veggie burgers are by far my favorite plant based burger recipe. As much as I love the convenience of store bought veggie burgers, you can really taste the freshness and the flavor in this recipe. These burgers tend to be a bit soft, as I typically cook them on the stove. If you plan to cook them on the grill, I suggest adding a bit more flour, especially if you are using white flour.

  3. Grilled Mushroom Skewers

    Balsamic Garlic Grilled Mushroom SkewersI haven’t tried these mushroom skewers yet, but have them on my list of grilling recipes to try. Kyle and I haven’t had a grill in months, so now that we have one, I’m sure I’ll be able to test these out soon!

Side Dishes

  1. Beer Macaroni and Cheese

    img_0702-1I feel like all I do is rant and rave about how freaking good this recipe is, but for real, you have got to try this mac and cheese. And you might as well make 2 batches because vegans and omnivores alike love this stuff. Just try it. Seriously.

  2. Vegan Broccoli and Cheese Casserole

    IMG_2013This dish is another crowd pleaser that most wouldn’t even realize is vegan unless you told them. It’s quite simple and uses my Plant Based Cheese Sauce recipe in place of cheese. So while you’re making the queso mentioned earlier, you can just double the batch to make this recipe as well.

  3. Vegan Potato Salad

    Make a summer favorite plant-based with this super simple (and delicious) Vegan Potato Salad. A new age take with all of the classic flavors | ThisSavoryVegan.comAs a kid, I never really liked potato salad. Probably because it had mayonnaise in it, and mayonnaise is a rather foul substance. This recipe calls for vegan mayo, but I actually substituted cashew sour cream and it turned out AMAZING. If you like mayo, go for the vegan mayo, but if you aren’t a fan like, me I highly recommend the cashew sour cream route.


  1. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

    img_1265These cookies were one of the first recipes I ever attempted to veganize. I make them with coconut oil, so they have a VERY subtle hint of coconut that is so lovely with the chocolate chips.

  2. Key Lime Pie Bites

    7-Ingredient SUPER Creamy tart VEGAN Key Lime Pie Bites! #minimalistbakerThese key lime pie bites from Dana at Minimalist Baker are incredible. I made them  a few summers ago and every time I  go to a family gathering, they request these little key lime pie bites. I suggest keeping them frozen and taking them out to thaw just before you serve them. They’re really yummy when they’re still a bit frozen.

  3. Vegan Nice Cream

    Design-4This has been one of my latest sweet-toothed induced cravings. Since it’s just bananas, cocoa powder, and whatever toppings you choose, it’s really healthy and light. I just love that about this recipe. You can easily freeze a large batch of it and bring it to the BBQ to share.


2 thoughts on “12 Vegan BBQ Favorites”

  1. When does the party start! We’ve tried most everything in the list, all are delicious, and fairly easy to make, Always enjoy sampling the vegan side of things some recipes have even made into our regular meal rotation.
    Happy 4th enjoy the menu

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