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New Year, Same Me

I can’t believe the first week of 2019 is already over! I hope you’ve started the year off strong and have kept up with any New Year’s resolutions or intentions that you’ve made.

Something I want to start doing more of here is just writing. I have lots of thoughts that I think are worth sharing and platform on which to share them, so expect to see more content like this from me. If you’re just here for the recipes, don’t worry! I’ll still continue to share healthy, vegan recipes regularly.

I haven’t set any huge or lofty goals. But I have set an intention: abundance.

I spent New Years day with my husband and some of his fishing buddies on the boat off shore. It was the perfect way to reflect on 2018 and think about what I really want in 2019.

Being out on the ocean reminded me of something my Poppa used to say: “You’re just a pimple on an elephant’s ass”. I mean think about that phrase literally for a moment. A pimple on an elephant’s ass. How insignificant. Being off shore reminds me that I am insignificant in the grand scheme of things, but that I’m also technically the center of my own world and am quite significant. I just love that contrast of perspective.

2018 was truly a year of less for me in the best way possible. A few examples of that were my gym routine and work life. I was able to ease up on my gym routine and still maintain a comfortable weight and healthy body image. I transferred schools and have taken a different role out of the classroom which has allowed me to feel less stress around my work.

I really, really needed that year of less to feel more balanced.

When I think of what I want in 2019, abundance is what comes to mind.

Abundance in my health, wealth, happiness, friendships, family. Just all around, abundance. I want to be extremely conscious of my thoughts, words and actions to be sure they are of abundance.

I’m putting it out to the universe: I am open to abundance.

Have you set any goals or intentions for this year?

Are your actions aligning with those intentions?

It’s not to late to decide or make a change to better align with your intentions.

Wishing you peace, love, kindness, and contentment



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